It was a medium day in Alaska. The sky was a bit overcast. The air was cool.

Frantic activity was visible in all directions as the drivers prepared for what could arguably be called the toughest race in the world.

The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog race is an annual event in Alaska. Mushers and dogs cover 1,100 miles. It can take them 8, 14, to 21 days to complete the distance.

Teams must race through blizzards that cause whiteout conditions, subzero weather, and gale force winds.

The trail runs through Alaska, from Anchorage in the southeast, up the Rainy Pass of the Alaska range, through the sparsely populated interior, along the shores of the Bering Sea, and finally reach Nome, in the northeast.

Musher Mike’s marathon runner stamina and mountaineering strength and ferocious agility were evident as he ran through the gangline, harnessed them, and hooked them to the four wheeler’s gangline. The dogs were happy and enthusiastic, all psyc